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FIA Rally Star Finland - Powered by Gigantti COVID Protocol

AKK Motorsport has created a COVID protocol to make sure the FIA Rally Star Finland - Powered by Gigantti will be safe event and meets all the Finnish government and health care authorities restrictions.

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COVID Protocol


This protocol is created for FIA Rally Star Finland and it’s competitions.


This protocol is supplementary to Finnish Health Care professionals and local authoroties’ orders and recommendations.




The FIA Rally Star Finland is held under strict COVID protocol. All competitors and staff must obey these rules. Breaking these rules will result in disqualification.


Masks and hygiene


Wearing a face mask in the event is mandatory except for the driving. Masks will be provided by the ASN if the competitor hasn’t got their own.


The equipment will be sanitized after each attendee. Hand sanitizers are at the venue and must be used.


Maximum occupancy in venue


As Finland is restricting gatherings to maximum of six (6) people at the same time, the FIA Rally Star Finland is also held under these restrictions. The organiser will make sure that maximum of six attendees are present at the same time.


General health


The organiser wants to emphasize that no attendee will come to the venue if they are having ANY symptoms or general illnesses.




This COVID Protocol has been provided by the organiser and was last updated on 3rd March 2021. The protocol will be updated if necessary.